How I Became a Producer of My Own Local TV Show?
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How I Became a Producer of My Own Local TV Show?

Producing a television show requires passion, creativity, and contacts. However, this is one business venture which only a few people would dare walk into. With hard work and diligence, a producer can reap monetary rewards when people already have the trust in your business. TV production is one business any person who loves to communicate should consider.

Producing your own television show may sound hard for those who haven't done this venture yet.  The first thing to consider before jumping into this endeavor is your interest and passion.  Do you have the real fire in you to make it work? When you know that this is what you want to do, then start brainstorming for ideas on the kind of show you want to do. At first, it is good to make sure that you tackle only that which is within your area of  expertise.  You can venture into other fields as you go along.

I did all of these things before meeting up with the owner of a local TV station. As a backgrounder, our locality is quite small and our local TV industry is weak and still in its infancy. Currently, there are only two existing local TV  programs.  I opted to do a sort of talk and TV magazine format which would be covering all sorts of topics and issues.  I agreed to pay a certain monthly rate for the air time I agreed to use. The good thing about it was, I was allowed to do the show without any start-up capital. I only got to pay my airtime rent at the end of the month and this practice is still being done until now, five years after. The hard part was getting partners to sponsor the show which is called "At Random."  Any TV show needs advertisers in order to keep it going and mine wasn't any different.  In fact, getting people to trust a new program can be a pain in the neck.  My first few advertisers were friends who owned businesses.  With very minimal amount for advertising their products or services, they were able to have visibility for their businesses and I was able to keep the show on air for five years already.  "At Random" airs three times a week and it is only viewed in our own locality.  The show has served as a platform for all types of people---beauty pageant winners, scholastic awardees, new businessmen, winners, talents, or what-have-you. For five straight years, the show has provided an opportunity for people to express their views and opinions on issues that affect the majority. It does not choose its guests.  Anyone who has an issue is welcome to come to the show and be our guest.

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Comments (5)

A guy I know back in New York does a weekly talk-show on a local Public Access Channel, devoted to Religion.

It's a good way to give exposure to local issues.

Really, Stickman?  We have such programs also in our country. Our show is a platform for everything.

Congratulations!  Very interesting write--up!  One has to have great passion and demonstrate commitment to be successful in this type work. 

Thank you for the pat.  I really appreciate your comments, guys.