More Fun in the Philippines - Earthquakes, Filming Hollywood and Pacquiao
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More Fun in the Philippines - Earthquakes, Filming Hollywood and Pacquiao

The new slogan of the Philippine Department of Tourism proclaims," It's more fun in the Philippines" and while there are elements that label the term 'fun' as inappropriate, the Filipino people still has an optimistic point of view in all the mayhem. The Philippines has destinations for the world, from still waters to fantastic vistas and undersea explorers havens.

The Department of Tourism in the Philippine archipelago had invented a new slogan to spread throughout the world.  It states, " It's more fun in the Philippines". Is this mere propaganda, some tourism hype or maybe just some buzz?  Filipinos term fun as activities such as a  road trip to the provinces and having a dip in the beach, watching concerts of pop music artists, drinking beer with their peers, and anything like fiestas and singing old songs in a videoke bar.  Some find it a thrill, while others treat it like just another rollercoaster ride.

 Lately, Hollywood has gambled filming the fourth chapter of the 'Bourne Identity' sagas titled " The Bourne Legacy".  The various locations include the squalor and traffic-infested city streets of Manila ( Most were closed to the public and even snapshooters were banned from taking photos due to the confidential storyline).  The cast and crew started filming at the light of day til after midnight and so far no untoward incident has delayed the filming.  " The Bourne Legacy" is due for release on the late quarter of the year.

 A strong earthquake just occurred in Negros Oriental , somewhere south of Mindanao. The intensity 6.9 caused major landslides and people panicked as the ground cracked and shook low buildings everywhere.  The casualties had reached almost 70 dead and aftershocks had reached about 1,700.  Schools were closed, and rescue operations are still ongoing despite the dangers of shaken foundations.  The masses could not get food, clean water, and medicine with damaged hospitals, grocery stores and zero electricity.

 It seems that the Philippines can only count on Manuel " Pac-Man" Pacquiao, a rich, athlete and a politician in the same proximity of the destroyed farmlands.  Recently, he had plans to continue his boxing bouts despite harsh criticism from boxing ring analysts.  He had decided to live with more discipline, avoiding intoxicating drinks, gambling, buying expensive vehicles and women.

 To acknowledge the motif,  gonernment corruption must be tamed. People groan at the lack of progress during rescue efforts, the rise of illegal substances circulating the remote areas, fuel prices going on a see-saw motion  and alleged atrocities of the Supreme Court.  The fun factor may be just some steroid , a marketing gimmick from all the chaos and disasters causing a ruckus in the islands.  Filipinos still have a boxing champ to watch -and this makes the crime rate plummet, which the nation finds worthwhile.

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